Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Less than half of people are stupider than the average

Ok, I'm just nitpicking on an overused joke, but there is a clear distinction between average and median. Half of people are indeed stupider than the median, but the average IQ is probably a little less than the median IQ because there are more very stupid people than very smart people. Depending on the chosen measure, roughly one in 200 people have an IQ at least 75 points below the average and are in practice institutionalized, while only one million have an IQ of 75 or more above the average - ironically, many of them spend much of their time in various institions as well.

Why this asymmetry? High intelligence is reached when many factors coexist, whereas mental retardedness may be caused by only a single factor, such as a genetic error. So in the extremes of the distribution, additional intelligence and stupidity are caused by different random processes.

Back to the main point: we can analoguously clearly see that with the possible exception of Vatican, most of you earn or own far less than the average simply because the income and wealth statistics are very skewed in all countries except the Vatican.


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